What is the Bison Plains Group?

The Bison Plains Group (BPG) is an Alberta based organization that provides contractor services for various recycling and reclamation initiatives We deal with services such as biocarbon extraction from organic waste, trees, and cardboard, and well as the recycling of inorganic “junk” materials in the form of plastic and glass, as well as electronic equipment.


The Bison Plains group is an Indigenous owned organization and maintains a great respect for preserving the environment. Our orphaned wells initiative is a green program that will remove the oil wells that have been decommissioned and long since abandoned by failed drilling companies that now pollute the Alberta landscape. 

Alberta's Orphan Well Crisis

Alberta faces a unique crisis in the form of orphaned wells. There are currently almost one hundred thousand inactive or orphaned wells scattered across the province. These wells were left abandoned by oil companies who have gone bankrupt, and now these oil wells have the potential to be an environmental catastrophe. 


The previous Alberta government allowed this crisis to continue, and these neglected wells are leaking into the Alberta landscape. The Bison Plains Group plans to aid in the reclamation and clean up of these wells, some of which have been abandoned or inactive since the 1960’s, damaging the surrounding environment and a constant eyesore on the land.


With funding from the provincial and federal government, contractors and subcontractors will devote themselves to safely capping removing the abandoned oil wells from the land to restore environmental stability, bring steady jobs, and revitalize the Albertan economy.

Carbon Production Initiative

Many of the electronics and packaging materials used by developed nations is unethically dumped in landfills after its short consumer life-cycle. This is why Bison Plains recycling strives for a cleaner future and innovation within industry and retail.

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Cardboard, wood, glass and various metals are commonly discarded, to be forgotten about and never realizing the abundance of ways to reuse and repurpose such materials. As the direction of global policy leans in favor of sustainability, key strategies in the logistics of otherwise landfill destined materials will help to reduce the industrial impact on our planet.


Bison Plains Recycling aims to breathe new life into discarded electronics through techniques in refurbishing used electronics and the reclamation of precious metals, as well as reclaim organic waste materials create clean sourced, high quality carbon.